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New Year Resolutions with Book Photography….


Hi all as I know it is now the last day of 2015 I just thought it is time to come say Happy New Year for 2016 because I already know I wont be posting tomorrow. Now what do you guys have planned this year with all those resolutions? HAHA… I’m not good at resolutions but I do have some, I always have but I always stop with them in the first week of January. :/ This year I will try….

So what are my resolutions for my blog?

  1. Read the books I love and enjoy.   A few years ago I had a blog but I always read all the new releases and some of them weren’t even books I liked so this year I’m planning to read what I want and if they new releases then it cool but I will not be freaking out if I haven’t read the new releases immediately.
  2. I want to make some blogger friends.  I’m a shy person by heart so lets just see how this will go because it would be nice to find people to talk to about the things I love.
  3. Try not to get obsessed with my blogging. I was never good with the balancing act of things, but I seriously need to figure out a balance between reading, fun time, study time and work time so that I don’t over work myself.
  4. I want to try and ramble less in my reviews… I like to fangirl if I loved the book so I ramble but I want to try to do that a little less so I can get a more creative review but I doubt I will stop on this topic.
  5. I should post of my other passions as well.   Yes this is ultimately an book blog but I also have other passions. I love writing but I adore Photography and photo editing. I want to add pictures and edit onto this blog off all the things I love and if I find a picture on google somewhere and I love it I want to add it here.
  6. Lastly I want to keep up to date with my book meme’s and try and update weekly. 

Anyway I also found some great book photography on Google. I know it’s not Autumn but I LOVE the color scheme. When ever it is Autumn I just feel like I’m in another world full of magic and the colors are always so beautiful! These pictures aren’t mine so credit stays with the owners but I don’t know who they are. If you know let me know so I can credit them! 🙂 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are just a few pictures that caught my eye when I googled Autumn book photography and I love it. These people who took the time to take these pictures did a wonderful job and when I start with my studying of photography then I will make sure I take pictures that interest me. Can’t wait till I start with that I’m looking forward to that but do fret I am already taking pictures even though I have not yet started on the studying of photography.

- Ash


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