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img_1938Title: Innuendos
Series: It Had 2 B U #1
Author: V. Kelly
Genre: Erotic Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 8, 2016


She wants him to squeeze her melons . . .

He wants her to hold his wood . . .

Max is the sole reason Breezy can’t keep a boyfriend. Every boyfriend she has ever had breaks up with her the moment they meet him. It’s not because of his eight-pack, or his panty shredding smile, no, the reason Breezy remains single is because Max is her best friend and also her roommate.

When Breezy’s new boyfriend dumps her after meeting Max for the first time, Breezy is determined to cure her boyfriend woes by challenging Max to a bet after a night of drunken dancing: she can’t click her mouse, he can’t wrestle his snake, and neither one can say the word sex or they lose. It was a simple game of abstinence, until Max decides to tempt Breezy into a hilarious game of innuendos. Now the only thing harder than Max’s “wood”, is figuring out just where their friendship lies after all bets are off.

One thing’s for certain . . . All’s fair in sex, love, and Innuendos.

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“Fucking monkey suck nuts, you’re naked!” She screeches covering her eyes.
“How was your day, Dear?” I ask ignoring her.
She peeks through the slats in her fingers. “Put some clothing on. We don’t live in a nudist colony, you exhibitionist!” She’s still yelling, which makes my smile spread.
“I made spaghetti, your favorite.”
“Put some pants on!”
I’m entirely too turned on by her ordering me around like this, and I feel my dick getting hard. Her expression is priceless. “Fuck, its rising. It’s practically waving at me.”
She’s still peeking through her fingers. It’s like when there’s an accident on the freeway. You don’t want to look, but feel compelled to when you pass by. That’s Breezy right now—she’s totally rubber necking my dick.
“I was wondering if you could taste my balls for me.” Oh my god, I could die right now. It’s killing me that I can’t laugh.
Her mouth drops. “I am soooo not sucking on your balls.”
“I need a taster, I’m wondering if they’re too salty.” Focus Max. Do not laugh.
“I’m not tasting your balls, salty or otherwise.” Her eyes drop to my nut sack and I see her briefly lick her lips. This is so working.




About the author



V. Kelly grew up in Reno, Nevada, but now lives in Watonga, Oklahoma, with her husband and two beautiful kids. Always a writer, it was only a matter of time before the stories in her head escaped and became available for the world to read. She is a lover of frogs, otters, all things green, reading books about compelling relationships, and spending time with her family.


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