reading addictionHello there my lovely bloggers and welcome to my blog! ❤ Let me tell you I have a passion for reading and my brother has asked me to stop telling him what happened in the books I’m reading at the time…. he said and I quote “GO TELL SOMEONE ELSE!” So that is what I decided to do 😀 You can call me a book whore because I’m addicted to books.  My love for books started when I was in school. I didn’t have a lot of friends so I decided to just start reading because I had a lot of free time! download

I’m a sucker for a good romance…angsty, hot and steamy, funny, contemporary, and New Adult. I’m also a sucker for Paranormal of Fantasy books. I like to swoon in my books so give me sexy hot book boyfriends any time of the day!  I adore HEA  and I hate cliffhangers but mostly I hate my favorite books to end forever, because I would love to have more….. Right now I am studying Creative Writing but that is just for fun and I am also studying photography and photo editing. So on this blog you will also random photos and such because this blog is what i have a passion about and it is not all about the books. Anyway I go by the name of Ashling or Ash and I’m addicted to books  and I might have a coffee and hot chocolate addiction too! ☺


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