Request and Rating Policy


  • No Rating – Terrible book
  • One Rating – I will never be reading the book again
  • Two Rating – Bad, but readable
  • Three Rating – The book held my interest
  • Four Rating – Nearly Perfect
  • Five Rating – An amazing book

I would simply love to read and review as many books as possible, but sadly I cannot do them all because of the time. I will not accept all the request I get, you should read my guidelines before requesting below:

  • I only review books that are new adult  and adult books, with the genres of: romance, contemporary fiction,  fantasy/ paranormal,  romantic suspense or anything similar.
  • I will NOT review books that I have no interest in!
  • I prefer physical copies of the books, whether they are ARCs or books already published. But I will accept e-books as well.
  • I post honest reviews.
  • I do not slam or insult the author or there books.
  • In my review I will feature: Title of book, author, genre, publisher, publish date synopsis, cover art and my thoughts.
  •  Reviews will also feature on my Goodreads account.
  •  If there is a reason I cannot review this book, I shall state why.

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